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"...I had bad toothache sensitive to hot and cold. Nerve in my tooth regenerated so quickly. I avoided root canal..."

                                                                          Robert, age 45

 "...I weighed 210 pounds. I lost 55 pounds within 3 months. For the first time in my life I got six pack abs on my belly...'

                                                                           Paige, age 33


"...I had spinal injury after car accident. I noticed significant movement and touch improvement in my legs..."

                                                                            Jeanette, age 28


"...I had shortness of breath and swollen legs caused by regular daily activities. My maximum exercise heart rate jumped from 170 to 220 per minute..." 

                                                                            Andrew, age 52


"...I had premature menopause in age 32. After 4 years of absence I got again my period..."

                                                                             Rebecca, age 37


"...I have 20 years younger girlfriend. She is barely keeping up with me in bed..."

                                                                              Jeff, age 47